Purpose in the Trees

25614 South Western Hwy
Yornup 6256
Event Date: 
11/10/2021 to 15/10/2021
Event Type: 
Natural Horsemanship
Trail Ride


Purpose In The Trees 2021

     hosted Sam Caporn - Horseman

    Book via:  samcaporn.com.au/online-booking-form

    11 OCT AT 09:00  – 15 OCT AT 17:00

5 days of purpose driven Horsemanship in the forests of the south west.

This course will have you to utilising the natural aspects of the forest to better improve your horses contact and emotional fitness, to take them to the next level.

“Things pop up in us and our horses while out on the trail and having Sam riding with you to unpack, analyse and troubleshoot is an amazing opportunity. This is what makes the forest ride so educational for both horses and humans.” - 2020 Student Review

When: October 11 - 15, 2021

Where: The Southern Forests, WA

Price:  Deposits and Form required: now
Early Bird Pricing: Paid in full by 30 July - $1,200
Regular Pricing: Paid in full by 30th September – $1,500

Who: Open to all riders who feel confident riding their horse at a walk and trot in an open area.

Days will be long; horses should be well prepared including their fitness, health and feet.

There will not be a vet on site.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

What will be covered during the 5 days?

Overall, you will full access to Sam to interact in-depth regarding your horse and cover anything that pops up from Foundation Training problems to correcting your Finesse riding. Improve Emotional and Physical fitness of you and your horse as well as Holidaying with your horse and establishing or re-igniting that beautiful partnership between you and your horse.

You will be able to put what you have been working with your horse to the test.

Many people turn to competition to test the foundation they have put on their horse or never really do have a way of ‘seeing what they have’, while this camp allows you to experience this in a fun atmosphere with like – minded people.

This is a practical natured clinic with the forest at our disposal we will use it to help the horses get more emotionally fit and look at ways to get them more athletic using the space.

With the guidance of Sam, You will teach your horse to love being haltered, ride out, maintain gait in a herd and on a pattern, pull logs, be hobbled, gallop* and jump* so they become ever more all rounded; all while you enjoy amazing scenery and friendship of the group.

What will a typical day include?

We will start each morning with catching and feeding our horses, followed by breakfast.

The day will include a minimum of 4 hours riding with loops back to the existing camp for that night, the camp will include On Line ground skills, as well as FreeStyle riding and elements of Finesse Riding.

There will be a mid – day break for lunch and rest.

Evenings will include, feeding horses and preparing dinner as a group and enjoying each other’s company around the campfire.

When can we arrive and depart?

You will arrive the October, 10 (Sunday) to the camp by 3pm. Set up and Settle in. We will finish up at camp on the 15th October and you can depart the morning of the 16th October (Saturday) before 10am.

Will horse be in together as a herd or yarded separately?

All the horses will be kept in a paddock together over night and gathered as a herd the following morning before feeding.

Is there mobile service/coverage in the forests and on the overnight properties?
There is very limited mobile coverage.

How many people will be attending?
Participant positions are limited to 12 students.


Will food be provided?

All students will provide their own food for the 5 days, including snacks and drinks, such as soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Also fridges will be provided for food storage and space is available for all. A BBQ will be going each night over fire and gas cookers in the sheltered kitchen. Please bring what you need for your meals if you require more then there has been offered.

What will be the setup for showers and toilet facilities

This year there will be a single toilet and shower in a large shed.



The shed has a kitchen, fire, sitting area for a little more comfort on those wet nights.

There are beds in the common area [not private bedrooms as such] if you wish to book one.

What should we bring?

Please keep it as simple and light as possible, the experience is about appreciating the simple things with your horse..

For you:

Clothes for 5 days (riding appropriate)
Riding Boots (with leather sole)
Walking shoes
Water bottle (hiking style that can be fastened to your body, ie-camelbak)
Tent or swag that is - waterproof, durable, warm
Food – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages

You are able to camp in your floats as the campsite will be the same each night this year. So bring the creature comforts of home if you wish...


For your horse:

Saddle and Pad
Horseman’s rope halter and 12′ Line
Horseman’s Natural Hackamore
Natural Snaffle Bridle with Horseman’s Reins or Cradle Bridle
22′ Line
45′ Line
Carrot Stick and Savvy String
Horse feed, premixed and prepared in durable bags

Teaching the horses to hobble is a great part of the camp. I will guide you through the process which will be safe and rewarding for you horse to understand.

It will be a great tool for you and your horse to have.

The ones that I use and recommend, can be purchased at www.outwestsaddlery.com and I recommend the Double ‘Cowboy’ Hobbles – Style #2.See the link below. –

Please visit the website https://samcaporn.com.au/camps/purpose-in-the-trees/

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Event Contact Details

Name: Purpose in the Trees Phone: 0410 494 381 Email: enquiries@samcaporn.com.au Website: https://samcaporn.com.au/