Alcoa International Horse Trails

Fairbridge Village
Pinjarra 6208
Event Date: 
18/09/2021 to 19/09/2021
Event Type: 
Show Jumping
XC Jumping

Alcoa International Horse Trials

    hosted by Alcoa Internation Horse Trials

A great weekend of Equestrian action held on the beautiful Alcoa Farmlands behind Fairbridge Village.

The event is made up of three different tests: Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping – rather like a triathlon. Throughout the event, each phase is scored and penalties carry over to the next phase. The goal is to accumulate as few faults as possible. The horse and rider who have the least penalties at the end of the competition are the winners!

• Dressage is a test of the horse and rider’s connection and communication with each other. The pair will complete a set pattern in an enclosed arena. Each specific “movement” is judged on a 0-10 basis with 10 being the best. The letters around the perimeter of the arena are markers where the specific movements should take place.

• Cross Country is exactly what it sounds like – a horse and rider trek across the countryside while jumping impressive natural obstacles such as ditches, water, banks and an array of man-made obstacles. The course must be completed at a gallop because there is a time limit. It consists of 20 to 30 fences and the track is usually three to five kilometres long.

• Show jumping consists of a horse and rider jumping a course of colourful rails that are easily knocked down inside an enclosed arena. The objective is to not knock any rails, while also completing the course within the time allowed. Jumps come down with just a small tap, so it is a test of the horse and rider’s precision and connection!

Classes from 80cm through to CCI-S4*

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