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Lunge with Herman - The best place to start is the Lunge journey. This is lungeing - but not as you know it! It is much more beneficial than 'conventional' lungeing. You will quickly see a huge improvement in your horse's lightness, suppleness & engagement. The connection you will develop with your horse is truly magical.

Scatterproof with Senna - If your horse is SPOOKY this journey will teach you what is going on in your horses head, so you can train him to stay calm in scary situations! From extreme reactions, to more subtle signs of tension, or if you have a youngster ready to start educating, this journey is for you.

In-Hand with Jack - This is where it gets really exciting! Learn how to train movements, such as shoulder-in, half pass, piaffe & Spanish walk. In this journey you are 'building in buttons' on the ground so that your horse knows the answer, before you ask the question under saddle - makes sense? Be warned, IN-HAND training is highly addictive - once you start you will be hooked!

Ride with Fleur  - If you feel stuck, at any level, this journey will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and freshen up your training. You owe it to yourself to try things you only ever dreamed of - you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Jenku is an extremely gifted trainer with a unique talent, combining classical dressage with a scoop of magic and buckets of entertainment.  Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Jenku specialises in innovative training techniques and his training clinics are highly popular worldwide.

Jenku believes in 'training the trainer' and has a rare ability to explain very intricate learning processes in 'plain English'.

Jenku approaches learning from a deep understanding on how horses and humans learn naturally. He specializes in positive reinforcement, learning theory, ground skills and riding skills as well as natural collection and trains riders and horses in all disciplines. Jenku’s positive attitude towards life and his passion for learning has inspired many 'ordinary' riders to accomplish extraordinary results with their horses.


01 -  Fundamentals ... Together we can make training fun for you and your horse.

02 - It is a language ... It is more than a system, it is a language. Together we can learn to communicate our intentions clearly with our horse, using a combination of body language cues and instant accurate feedback.

03 - Food is good ... Rewarding desired behaviour with food has scientific benefits. Food stimulates licking and chewing, which helps the horse access the parasympathetic nervous system (the part responsible for “resting and digesting”). Your horse can only learn in this calm relaxed state. Together we can stay calm and learn more.

04 - Punishment is bad ... If you punish your horse he will stop trying for you. Together we can 
learn there is a better way.

05 - Finding neutra - Together we can find neutral, a calm relaxed state where learning can take place - for both you and your horse.

06 - The invisible box ... When you sit on your horse, your bit, your reins and your legs create an "Invisible Box". It has the tendency to trigger claustrophobia in your horse, which in turn triggers opposition reflex. The primitive solution is to use more tack to “box” your horse in. Together we can find a better solution.

07 - Thinking in pictures ... Horse see differences between things much more than similarities. They think in pictures and notice minuscule changes in their environment which can  make them nervous. Together we can help your horse feel in control of their environment instead of feeling like a victim.

08 - Slowly slowly ... We’re living in an era where everything is about instant gratification. But horses still learn at the same slow speed as they did 300 years ago. Slow it down, take your time and get it right. Together we can take small steps towards your ultimate goal.

09 - Relaxation is key ... Training the movements is only beautiful when it comes from a place of relaxation, not tension. Together we can learn how to enhance performance, not crush it.

10 - Consistency ... Consistency is measured 9 times out of 10. Together we can get our basics consistent then we can move on.

11 - OOPS ... Better an OOPS than a 'what if…?' Never be afraid to try something new and fail at it. If you make a mistake, learn from it, and try again. Together we can try new things and improve.

12 - Your Reflection ... Your horse is a reflection of you.  Train yourself to be a better trainer. Together we can.


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