How to fix Bolting, Rearing, Bucking,

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                        "How To Fix A Bolting, Rearing or Bucking Horse"

                               without having to be brave, frightened or bruised!

Mounted Division - Karl Greenward tells you how in a FREE pdf file how to learn how to fix a bolting, rearing or bucking horse without having to be brave, frightened or bruised! A special PDF report on the three main issues of riders - bolting, rearing and bucking - so that these behaviours - or fear of these behaviours - will never spoil the fun of an exhilarating ride ever again!

But First Hear What Others Had To Say:

  • "This has made a huge difference to me and my Welsh cob mare Star. She is totally different.   I can’t thank you enough!"
  • "This guy is great! Without my even noticing it has changed my thinking." 
  • "My confidence has grown in leaps and bounds! Thank you !!"
  • "What you did for me is priceless !"
  • "This has been the making of me as a rider. Would really recommend people to come and learn."

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