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Welcome to Karl Greenwood's Mounted Division!

The Centre For Horse Riding Confidence -


Want to finally enjoy the exhilarating world that's waiting for you and your horse?

       Take A Look At The Presentations and Hypnosis Sessions that are PROVEN

       To Boost Your Confidence And Ride Your Horse Like You Always Dream Of ...


  • Control Your Stress And Enjoy Your Horse Book

“This book resets your perspective on pleasure riding. Ever wonder why you lost your nerve after years of fun as a child? Wonder how you ever went from competitor, to barely "happy" hacker? This book will answer those questions and more and better still make you laugh out loud in the process. Reset your thought processes and focus on getting back to having fun. It'll save you a fortune in horse focused solutions too.”  

  1. Change your mindset, re-discover the joy in horses and start achieving your goals
  2. Choice of Formats: Paperback / Audiobook / PDF
  3.  Open up an exhilarating world of potential that's waiting for you and your horse to enjoy.


  • Enjoy Your Horse Hypnosis Session

​This tried and tested Hypnosis MP3 Audio File Download has helped thousands of riders achieve their dreams - to ride where you want, how you want and to do all the things you want to with your horse!

  1. Convenient, Simple and Effective -  Just sit back and let the audio wash over you.
  2. ​This hypnosis session will swap fear into excitement and get your subconscious working in tandem with you and your goals while you relax
  3. You will re-discover the joy in horses, and be the horse-person you want to be
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