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  • FOR SALE, LEASE, REHOME:   Adverts in this section are 'FREE'  and include a display of up to three (3) photos plus have a life span of six (6) months after the last edit date.
  • LOST & FOUND:  Adverts in this section are 'FREE' and include a display of up to three (3) photos plus have a life span of six (6) months after the last edit date.
  • GEAR(New/Used):  Adverts in this section are  'FREE' and include a display of up to three (3) photos plus have a life span of six (6) months after the last edit date.
  • EVENTS, CLINICS, WORKSHOPS:  All entries in this section are 'FREE' and include a display of up to three (3) photos, plus allow the uploading of a 'Program' and 'Entry Form.'

* Please Note:  Free Advertising is different to Sponsor (Business) Paid Advertising



Adverts in this section will be displayed in the following way:

  • Your Advert will be placed in our 'Sponsor's Directory' – then Grouped into categories and listed alphabetically.
  • Your Advert, when clicked on, will open into a full-page advert with a full description of your authoring, and be able to display up to three (3) photos
  • Your Logo will also be placed on one of our amazing Carousels (of your choice) with a brief but important description of your Business with click-on ability to your larger Advert.
  • You are also entitled, if required, to place Four (4) extra photos in one of the appropriate Categories listed below.

Advertising costs are as follows – $20.00 @ month to be listed in our Directory plus one Carousel (Category) of your choice.

There are Six (6) Carousels in all, in the following categories -

     1. HORSES    2. DOGS    3. CATS    4. OTHER PETS    5. GEAR(New/Used)    6. EVENTS

Each Carousel added thereafter will be at an additional cost of $10.00 each @ month.

Sponsored Adverts can be purchased in Monthly, or Six (6) Monthly, or Twelve (12) Monthly Blocks - of which Twelve Monthly Blocks will be 05% discounted.

Once you place your Sponsor Advert on 'Fur Babies Central' you will have the option to view it online with us performing one edit, if that is required, before finalizing the Contract.  Of course, once your Advert is uploaded you will have editing rights to change/alter as you prefer providing it is within our guidelines of:

  • One page per Sponsor Advert
  • Three Photos on the same page per Sponsor Advert
  • Five extra Photos, if required, listed in the appropriate Category per Sponsor Advert
  • One website link back to a Webpage of your choice per Sponsor Advert

If you would like to speak to someone please use our Contact page, leave a contact number and we will call you back asap.




Fur Babies Central is a Registered Business and though we offer 'Free' Services in certain categories we do so in good faith and accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever to the Adverts and their information placed on our site.

We accept the following:

  • You are the owner of/or have permission to place the advert.
  • All Information and Photos have been legally obtained.
  • You have checked your Advert to your satisfaction. 

If we are informed of any misconduct we will act accordingly and the advert will be removed immediately.  All information submitted to Fur Babies Central is treated with the upmost confidence and will never be given to a third party.

All enquiries can be submitted through 'Contact us' and will be attended to as soon as possible.