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Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed (Balanced Equine) is an independent equine nutritionist with a science and technology background with an interest in the optimal feeding of horses. In 2008, Carol enrolled in equine nutrition courses provided by Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD and has never stopped studying. In 2009, Dr Eleanor Kellon asked her to tutor students in the online nutrition course called NRCPlus and is still tutoring students today. Carol is currently a lecturer in equine nutrition for the nationally recognised Certificate of Equine Hoof Care course in Tasmania, Australia. Carol is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge of equine nutrition, so far she has been invited to speak at Equitana (2013) and has been a speaker at a number of conferences in Australia, the Functional Hoof conferences in 2011 (Werribee) and 2014 (Daylesford) and in 2012 Carol was a keynote speaker at the World Hoof Care Conference in Prague and more recently, in early 2016, at the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners Conference in San Diego, USA. She explains the myths, fads and marketing ploys, and advocates simple, holistic and cost effective feeding plans for all horses including high performance horses, and growing, pregnant and lactating horses. Carol's expertise in equine nutrition is not simply about what to feed but also how to best support horses along the lines of timing of feeding, what to feed before and after work and electrolyting. Specialised feeding advice is provided for veterinary diagnosed issues such as tying up, EPSM/PSSM, ulcers, diarrhoea, Cushings/PPID, sugar sensitivity/insulin resistance and those predisposed to laminitis.


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