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Curulli Meadow Hay pride ourselves on providing high quality low sugar hay not only for their own animals but for rural and city clients alike. We provide hay to hobby farmers near and far, stockfeeds, Veterinarians and riding schools just to name a few.

Our hay consists of Balansia Clover and Ryegrass. You have the option to purchase either Clover Meadow, Ryegrass or a combination of both. It is weed free, fertilized with no rain damage. As soon as the hay is baled it is moved to one of our many sheds to ensure the best quality is achieved.

Meadow squares can be purchased individually or alternatively are packed in packs of 21 bales. Meadow rolls are 5ft by 4ft and all net wrapped.

Delivery of larger orders can be arranged by calling Phil.

We have had outstanding results from hay samples taken this year and are proud to share them with you. They were conducted by;
Jill A Davies MSc. Equine Nutrition, BSc (Hons.) Equine Science through Equine analytical.

Meadow Ryegrass Rolls = WSC% 8.4 + Starch% 1 = 9.4% NSC

Meadow Balansia Squares = WSC% 7+ Starch 1% = 8% NSC

Meadow Squares Rye = WSC% 7.1 % + 0.6% = 7.7% NSC

Water-soluble carbohydrates (WSC) - measures simple sugars and fructan levels. Simple sugars are digested in the foregut and raise insulin levels. Too much can lead to laminitis because of elevated blood insulin. Fructan, on the other hand, is digested in the hind gut. Too much can result in laminitis caused by endotoxins in the bloodstream.

Ethanol-soluble carbohydrates (ESC) -- a subset of WSC and gives you a better idea of the simple sugar level. WSC minus ESC provides a fair measurement of fructan levels.

Starch -- normally digested in the foregut down to individual glucose (blood sugar) molecules; therefore, it has a strong elevating effect on blood insulin levels.

Please feel free to request a copy of the full analysis with your Hay purchase.

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