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HIDEZ’ Suits, Hoods and Socks are used before and after, Competition and Exercise, during transport, and to assist with recovery after injury or surgery.

  • What is graduated compression?    It is a type of compression that is applied to the muscles, where there is greater pressure at the extremities and then gradually easing off at the top of one’s limb and again at the top of the torso. This process forces fluids that tend to pool back up and out of the limbs and back into circulation.
  • Is there any proof that gradient compression will help my animal?  We have done many trials with HIDEZ over the years. People who have used the HIDEZ suits have experienced great results with their animals. From Veterinarians, Racehorse Trainers, Harness Racing Trainers, Endurance riders and Olympic gold medalists all competing in national and international events.
  • What does the HIDEZ recovery suit do?  HIDEZ recovery suits do a number of things. Mainly it’s designed to enhance blood flow back to the heart from the extremities (lower limbs), It will help supply more oxygen to muscles (enhance muscle activity), flush out waste products from blood supplies (e.g. lactic acids) and stop muscles from the effects of vibration (reduces DOMS). All of which will help reduce recovery times.


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