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Who we are & why we do what we do

Petite Horse & Rider specialises in equestrian apparel for petite riders and ponies.

A bit bold, but still feminine. A bit fancy and unique.

We do not buy in bulk straight out of catalogues. All of our products are either designed from scratch by us, or carefully selected for their style and suitability to be altered to our petite sizes. We've worked hard to develop solid relationships with our manufacturers so that we can work closely together to tweak our designs and sizes to give you the best FIT we can! If you have trouble with the fit of your PHR products, we offer a return/exchange service.

We are Australian owned and proud to use our splendid local designers, seamstress, models, photographers, and test riders. Our sizes have been developed specifically to suit the more petite figured riders and ponies and our products aim to be a bit unique and fun.

We hope you dig our stuff as much as we do! You can follow the development of PHR and news about our products and the PHR Ambassadors on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.



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