Australian Animal Oral Care

Dental Hygiene

We are a full time Pet Dental Service Specialising in Sedation Free Pet Dental Teeth Cleaning and Organic Pet Products.

Trust Qualified staff only for Canine and Feline Dental Cleaning.
Dr Cesar has over 23 years of Experience in Veterinary Medicine and Natural Pet Health. He is fully Qualified.

We are a mobile service located at over 90 Locations in VIC, TAS, SA, WA, NSW, ACT and QLD. We work from Pet Hotels, Doggy Day Care, Pet Groomers, Boarding Kennels , Animal Rescue Centers, Vet Clinics & Pet Supply Stores with Home Visits Available Daily.

Our Home Visits at no extra Charge within 70km of CBD in each State. After 6pm incurs a $25 additional Charge.

Our Pet Dental Service provides:

- Sedation/Anesthesia Free treatment
- Full clean, scale & polish to remove all Tartar & Calcification buildup.
- Gum Treatment
- All Natural and Organic Products developed by Dr. Cesar
- Advice from Staff for Home care and Maintenance until next time
- Encouraging Pet Owners to Attend their Local Vet Clinic for Yearly Wellness Exam Check up for overall health.

-No stress
-Gentle calm treatment
-No recovery period for your Pet
-Prevents Tooth loss & Gum Disease.
-Over 90 Locations
- Regional and Interstate Clinics
- Adelaide Canberra Sydney Hobart Gold Coast Brisbane Perth Townsville Rockhampton Byron Bay

Dental Care really matters for our Pets. Checking your Pet's mouth often and ensuring your Pet is eating healthily.
We recommend a Raw Balanced Food diet and NO processed Pet Foods. Include Raw Meaty Bones in your Pets Diets, even for Cats.

Prevent long term damage, illness and Gum Disease
Prevent Tooth Decay and Loss
Prevent Gingivitis

Lets all be proactive in Dental Care for our Pets and prevent Gum Disease.

Oral Health is Important for all Pets - Don't let one of your Pets get Gum Disease as we can prevent this.


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