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Henley Brook, Perth



  • Buying your forever Fur Friend - You finally found a gorgeous horse but a little nervous to do this all on your own.  Mohegan offers assessments to double triple check you are both the right match.
  • How do I cope towing my float? - Feeling totally overwhelmed getting your horse on the float, then double anxiety kicks in to travel to the destination. Have an experinceced empathetic coach in the car with you to help you believe everything is possible.
  • Your horse is so kind but you still cant get negative thoughts out of your head, or the reverse, naughty horse just FREAKS you out!! - Book Karen for your next Trail adventure, problem solving 101.
  • Confidence Club - Confidence comes from knowledge, skills learnt to develop safety, controlling not just our own mind set, but problem solving when your horse becomes reactional to something they dont understand or fear.
  • 1st Show Support Service - Preparation to getting there - those nerves kick in, sweaty palms, butterflies and FREAK OUT!! The Mohegan Team is here for you with all of the encouragement and knowledge needed.
  • Partners Challenge Team workshop - So your partner always says, Just get up there and do it!! Challenge on ladies. Book your partner in to create a team and lets DO IT!! A fabulously invigorating workshop of games and technics.
  • A-Z Float Training with Confidence - The most frustrating experience anyone can have, is, not being able to load their horse. Many reasons WHY, mostly are lacking forward & backward and solid foundations need to be MASTERED.
  • Bringing Up Baby with solid foundations - Our foals/yearlings future should be considered the same as a child's education, the sooner we have boundaries in place it becomes 2nd nature for them to accept & understand with ease.
  • Healing with the Herd - Sometimes life turns us upside down when we least expect it. Horses have a natural way of “being authentically in the moment” learn peace from the horse, how to BE, connecting, addressing anxiety, strengthen confidence & leadership, its life changing
  • Horse training & rehabilition at Mohegan - Foundations are an essential part of all our horses future. Mohegan can bridge the GAPS and set you on your way to a successful relationship Private lesson $85 Or Weekly bootcamp $450
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