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TuffRock is the world's first energised ancient volcanic minerals bio-available for joints, GI health and for collagen generation for horses and dogs... pure organic minerals... 100% Australian! Catering for all animals, specifically equine and now there is a new TuffRock K9 range!

All TuffRock Products:
TuffRock Poultice - #1 tack box product!
TuffRock EJF (Equine Joint Formula)
TuffRock PJF (Performance Pro-Joint Formula)
TuffRock GI (Gastro Intestinal)
TuffRock Conditioner Plus
TuffRock Foal Plus
TuffRock Calf Plus
TuffRock Rabbit Conditioner

NEW TuffRock K9 products:
TuffRock K9 JF (Joint Formula)
TuffRock K9 GI
TuffRock K9 Mud
TuffRock K9 CE (Coat and Eyes)

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